Life is beautiful and lovely in Freedom with Self-Service Health care at your own Hands!


Top Chinese physicians treat the disease, before you get sick!

When your Country and people around you cannot give you a hand.    Even GOD will only help those who help themselves.

So, don't give up as long as you are able to help yourself, let's move!

The developer of this website was born on an island in the South China Sea 

Thanks for God Blessing

I'm living in a Garden City State and using God-given talent to make a living all these years. Since corvid-19 caused the Country to lockdown from earlier 2020, I started developing this website to gather what I learned or personally experienced the usefulness, benefits I gained, and gathered from people I met, their wisdom shared and good work done to shared freely on-line for anyone interested.  Basically, this website can be divided into 4 major sections:-

  • Keep FIT Physical Level 1 & 2: Using Ancients wisdom natural and simple way

  • Healthy Foods Mental Level 3 & 4: E-Commerce till under developing

  • Stay Peacefully Spiritual Level 5 & 6: Is an individual choice

  • My Past and Current Projects  Working areas from 7: if you are curious and like to know more...

I hope you could benefit from the materials I gathered from various sources to put on this website on-line for you to enjoy, feel free to share.

Keep Safe, Good Luck, and God Bless, Cheers!

Note: You may aware this website currently supporting three languages in English, Chinese, and Tamil for now but is intended for multi-languages to reach more people around the world. Just happened the developer only knows two languages and an Indian fellow catholic, a Prof's son staying in Canada willing to help with translation. We are still looking for a volunteer to do the translation into your Country's major language.  I can provide the machine-translated draft for you to do professional final touch to get it right before put it up live in operations. Do contact me if you have the time and ability to help. Thank You!

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