5. Dairy Reading - Video In Mandarin 

      We respect each individual freedom of choice in religion due to your background and culture.  Talk the Walk, as Roman Catholics, we share what we practice.  No doubt Christianity begin to grow in the Western world but Not a Western Religion was due to the Roman empire was controlling the massive area around that time 2,000+ years ago. But, Jesus proclaimed the Good News from the middle-east Palestinian area or Israel today, is, in fact, an Eastern world religion (learned from a Sister nun sharing in one of the retreats).


     If anyone takes three 3 years (The liturgical year, also known as the Church year or Christian year A, B, and C) to attend daily Mass, basically he or she will learn the complete bible.  Thus, to share the Bible content for those who are interested, we will extract partial daily mass, which normally takes 20 to 30 minutes of service, shorter to only Bible Reading and Priest homily for busy people to follow daily.  Since Christianity is an Eastern World religion, we believe the Asian and the majority of Chinese may like to know more. Thus, we present the Chinese - Mandarin version in this Daily Reading section but using English for the weekend or Sunday Mass through PowerPoint (in video format now) in section 6. Cross+Team with Singapore Archbishop Homily. We will add videos from the Vatican on special occasions speeches or celebration services given by Pope. Hope you like it, God Bless !

Classic Title

After the spiritual input with Dairy Readings. just get yourself some free time to listen to some nice music or songs. We enclosed the following Chinese Song + Music for you to enjoy.  Have a Nice Day, Cheer!

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