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6. Cross + Team

     A picture can tell a thousand words, since 2008, given the permission from Fr Henry Siew begin in Chinese Mass and follow by Fr James Yeo in English Masses, a group of Catholics (After more than 10 years of challenges, thank God we still have Prof. Benann currently stay in Canada, Sharon Lau, Ivan Tay, and Paschal Abel Tay still active in the Team today) from St Anne's Church in Singapore gather together to prepare a few minutes of Powerpoint (PPT) of keywords from Sunday Gospel Reading with pictures to present it ten minutes before each Mass. Since the Corvid-19 caused the Country lockdown, we take the opportunity to put this little work online for those who are interested. We add some nice music in the background on the PPT and saved it in the MP4 video for you to have a good time to go through the Gospel Reading. This music was gathered from Youtube and we put the original video in the following channel for you to enjoy. Wishing you a peaceful, relaxing, and happy weekend. God Bless!

There are many Miracles happening around the world but after years of investigation and only a few recognized by the Vatican.  We pick the following four Miracles that happened over the last almost 500 years since 1531 December 12  in Mexico, Guadalupe, St Juan Diego; 1858 February 11 in France, Lourdes, St. Bernadette; 1917 May 13 in Portugal, Fatima, and 1968 September 23 in Italy, San Giovanni Rotondo, St. Pio that were Investigated, Tested Authentic with at least 3 cases of healing witnesses with medical doctor verified of serious sickness (medically incurable) through Prayer intercession and is Officially recognized by Roman Catholic Church Authority. We took many long hours of research on Youtube and gather related Videos for each Miracle available sources, extracting important information and reproduce a shorter video within 15 minutes, in summary, to offer an overview for busy people like you to have an idea of what has been going on there. Hope you like it and if you are interested, do find out more related videos from youtube to enjoy further, God Bless!  

Why do Roman Catholics like to pray through St. Mary beside Jesus?

Because if Jesus promised with God the Father's mercy, it will take at least Ten Days to deliver!  

Proof:  Pentecost Holy Spirit was delivered 10 days after Jesus ascended to Heaven.

But, if we pray through St Mary and if she agreed with God's mercy, Next-Day delivery!


Proof: Miracle was delivered the next day after Juan Diego request St Mary in Guadalupe.

- just a joke by Paschal Abel

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