1.Health Care - Video In Mandarin

Step 1: Know your current living environment, change to a better place if needed. Know what are taken into your body daily, such as Air, Noise, watch your diet Foods and Water is the key.  Keep away from crowded place or stay at home during this period when the convid19 corona virus is spreading around the world, is your best move. 


Step 2: Improve your body Immune System through regular exercise for your internal organs.  Recommending a simplest method, for anyone who can get up from their bed, age from 3 to 103.  This Qigong was released to public FREE by Lee Feng-San ShiFu to help fighting against SARS in 2003. 

Step 3: If you are interested and also live in Singapore, you are free to join our sharing session on 3rd Sunday, 3 pm each month to learn PingShuai Qigong with Meditation for an hour at 809, French Road, #07-156, Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200809, Office near Lavender MRT station or next to Jalan Besar CC and also on 4th Sunday 7:30 am at Block 307D, Seng Kang West RC-Residents Community, 10 minutes Ping Shuai warm-up before Walking Exercise for senior citizens.

For people living outside Singapore, we will arrange on-line sharing events in English and Mandarin on 19th April 2020 after Singapore Lockdown all group physical activities since 7th April 2020. Anyone is free to join if you have time by clicking the  RSVP button to register at section 2.Event.

Step 4: After regular exercise, according to Ancient Chinese Medicine - Huangdi Neijing Teaching, one must take care of their living behavior and what to eat, do in various seasons. Following Video in Mandarin offer some introduction and in Section 3. Healthy Foods, we shall recommend a few keys products and make them available on our online shop for those who interested to buy.